Distribution Warehouse Sites

Distribution Warehouse Sites

Simpler solutions for complex processes

Distribution Warehouse Sites

Everyday Logistics

Pivotal point for the supply chain

Our regional distribution warehouses receive stock from suppliers and distribute to stores.  We have a number of existing warehouses across the country and require more to ensure we can consistently supply our stores with fresh produce.

Highlights of distribution centres

Efficient designs and well thought-out processes result in flexible warehousing and office structures for attractive, future-oriented logistics centres.

  • Bespoke Planning

    Bespoke planning

    Our distribution centres specification can be adapted to the surrounding environment due to bespoke planning.

  • CO2 emissions

    Green & Sustainable

    We are constantly working on optimising our emission figures and energy consumption in order to create an environmentally friendly distribution warehouse concept.

  • Work environment

    Modern welfare area

    The newly designed welfare areas with break rooms for employees create a sophisticated and pleasant work environment.

  • Warehouses and offices
    Spatial planning

    Warehouses and offices

    Each warehouse is individually planned to make the most of the site.  Internal warehouses spaces are optimised to make the most efficient use of space available including office areas.

  • Bespoke Planning
  • Warehouses and offices

Your proposal

We look forward to hearing from you

In order to open other Lidl logistics sites, we are looking for freehold 30-40 acre sites across Great Britain. Please provide details of your site to the relevant distribution warehouse contact.